As we approach the end of November, harvest activities throughout the Napa Valley are winding down; autumn has quietly started her transition to winter and 2012 begins its closing march. This time of year it is customary to take a moment and reflect on the journey of the past year and acknowledge those around us we are most thankful for…

We are thankful for our dedicated winemaking team for their time, effort and incomparable brilliance.
We are thankful for our entire team ‘behind the scenes’ (both on and offsite) for their leadership, support and constant encouragement.
We are thankful for our entire hospitality team for their diligence, warmth and endurance (each day putting a face to our name).
We are thankful for our ambassadors both near and far, who spread the word with imagination, enthusiasm and loyalty to the brand.
And most importantly, we are thankful for you— our friends, neighbors, critics and consumers. It is YOU that gives us purpose, and the motivation to strive to the next level.