Adaptation [adapˈteɪʃn]: refers to the progression from one state to another in order to assume a new [or more perfect] condition

Adaptation Wines

Formulated by our team as a means of expanding beyond the sub appellations specific to our Estate wines, Adaptation Wines instead represent the progression of wines from the individual appellation to an anthology of a single varietal wine, forming the purest expression of the Napa Valley. The current collection of Adaptation releases includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Petite Sirah.

Our winemaker, Jeff Owens, has crafted the Adaptation wines by sourcing fruit from some of Napa Valley’s most esteemed vineyards, resulting in wines that showcase some of the finest flavors that Napa Valley is famous for.

These three wines are currently available at the Odette Estate Winery Tasting Room located in Stags Leap. We also welcome you to enjoy these wines from the comfort of your home, simply visit our online store (link to: ), and enjoy complimentary overnight shipping on your first order of Adaptation this year. Simply use coupon code: ADAPT13 at checkout.