They’re here, they’re here! As they pull into our driveway off the Silverado Trail, I feel like an excited kid waiting for my newest toy. These are the things that happen in a winemakers life that differentiates me from just a wine enthusiast to a full-blown wine geek. These tanks are specifically designed to accommodate various size blocks that we have on our Estate. Our vineyard is now separated into almost 40 sub-blocks, giving us the ability to carefully craft our wine to best reflect our unique terroir. The stainless steel construction is an excellent conductor of temperature and have dual glycol jackets. The dual jackets enable us to cool or heat the tanks simultaneously to control optimal extraction from the skin. Translation: great wine will come from these tanks, we guarantee!

Come take a look at our shiny new tanks and taste our Adaptation wine, plus some selections from Cade and PlumpJack Winery. Looking forward to seeing you! – Jeff Owens, Odette Estate Winemaker

Odette Estate Winemaker   Jeff Owens