Adrien Halpin

Assistant Winemaker Adrien Halpin has played an integral role in Odette Estate’s development. Adrien was winemaker Jeff Owens’ first hire in April 2012. Together, the two have defined a distinct winemaking style in which the expression of terroir comes first – and they continue refining this style today.

Raised in Leucadia, CA, Adrien’s parents fostered a deep appreciation of wine at an early age through travels to France and Italy. While contemplating a career path during his senior year of high school a chemistry class sparked newfound interest in the sciences. Adrien’s hope for a career that blended both art and science led him to the Viticulture and Enology program at California Polytechnic University: San Luis Obispo. In Fall 2005, he joined the department as part of the Universities first freshman class.

Throughout college, Adrien worked at a local restaurant and wine bar in San Luis Obispo where his interest and knowledge of wine blossomed. He worked closely with the restaurant’s wine buyer and was eventually promoted to wine director in 2009. While gaining wine industry experience on the restaurant side of distribution, Adrien simultaneously focused on winemaking, with three consecutive harvests from 2009-2011. Internships at wineries in Paso Robles and in the Edna Valley offered valuable experience working with Rhone and Burgundian varietals.

The opportunity to join Odette appealed to Adrien due to the focus on estate-made wines, along with the property’s history and unique soil composition.  Being part of Odette has allowed him to contribute to building the brand and the winery from the ground up. The winemaking practices that Jeff and Adrien have established at Odette are truly something to be revered, as is evident by the first wines released.

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